Saturday, July 27, 2013

They should have 1 1/2 dips

Has anyone ever noticed that when you go to McDonalds and get the dipped cone that one dip is just not enough? But you don't want to get 2 dips because that is too much chocolate so you only want 1 1/2 dips. You just end up settling on 2 dips because I'd rather have too much than be not satisfied. Lol next time I'm just going to ask them for 1 1/2 dips, if they laugh that's alright. Lol #live. Does anyone feel the same way?

really going to miss my Mom

So I leave for college in 19 days and today I realized I'm really going to miss my Mom. She is really badass, seriously. Reasons Why my Mom is badass:
1.We are on the same wavelength:  leaving the mountains today she suggested we get ice cream, which was exactly what I was thinking. 
2. While we were driving to get the ice cream she drove on the wrong side of the road to get to the entrance b/c driving on the correct side was too difficult
3. She is a pretty cool Mom
4. She listens to me

I'm really going to miss her, which is sad b/c I thought I wouldn't. It's weird growing up and realizing that your life will never be the same. You won't live with your parents or siblings anymore, not saying that you won't ever, just saying that it will be in a different situation. I think it's nice though, it's nice loving someone so much and having so much of a connection with them that you'll miss them. Lol looking on the positive side, it's nice having someone to miss, you know?

Searching for quiet

Do you ever try and try and try and still feel like you're getting nowhere? or not completely sure that you're on the right track? That's how I'm feeling right now,  really lost. I'm just wandering here through life trying to find my purpose, trying to find one thing that I'm working towards come in to fruition. Today I went away for a few hours to the mountains to try to meditate and quiet my mind. But the whole entire time my mind kept going, endlessly it never stopped. I couldn't quiet my mind which really frustrated me. What do you do to find peace?